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Wick (warden and rick) by Coolygirl03 Wick (warden and rick) :iconcoolygirl03:Coolygirl03 30 9 MW -  'Well, plainly put... by Eeba-ism MW - 'Well, plainly put... :iconeeba-ism:Eeba-ism 70 120
Lightfox Origin Chapter 9
Professor Alburtis Edla sat at the computer desk, watching his creation and friends walk through the portal before severing the connection between worlds. He turned the chair around as the flash of royal blue radiated off the cold steel walls. All four stepped out looking a bit disoriented, but no worse for the wear and still holding hands. He stood and made his way to them, having to look down at the shorter creatures.
"It's good to have you back Agent." He placed a hand gently on the fox's shoulder, causing purple eyes to move upwards to look at him. Mel held out the parchment paper with a smile and tilt of his head.
"Good to be back Professor, but I'm not an Agent anymore." When the Professor took the blueprints from his hands, he dropped the backpack to his feet and looked around. "Are we in some secret underground base or something?" Edla chuckled and went to a large table, spreading the paper across and holding it in place with paper weights.
"Technically it is a secret base, but
:iconmel-lightfox:Mel-Lightfox 1 2
Lightfox Origin Chapter 8
As the sun rose above the horizon and began to set the flower field in a beautiful morning glow, purple eyes cracked open with a groan before a brown furred arm covered them. Mel continued to lay there for a minute, enjoying the sun rays warming his body. He would have continued to lay there except for the fact that someone was now standing over him and blocking the light. He lifted his arm and looked at the silhouette of a coyote. He let out another groan and covered his eyes again.
"You realize that it is the butt crack of dawn and if you're planning to arrest me for something, you can wait till a decent waking hour for the rest of the village." He rolled onto his stomach, using his arms as a pillow as he laid his head back down in the soft flowers. When he felt a boot gently nudge his tail, he sighed and unholstered his pistol before pushing himself up with his other arm. "Apparently you want to be shot this early in the morning..." He glared at the man standing to his side. Without
:iconmel-lightfox:Mel-Lightfox 1 0
Lightfox Origin Chapter 7
By evening of the following day, a rather large buffet style meal had been gathered in the center of town. Almost the entire village had been rebuilt since the inhabitants had been taking shifts on repairs. Mel stood to Princess Sally's left on a lifted platform, he looked out at the gathering Mobians and waved to his caretakers and some of the gathered children. Sally was speaking to the group and he was mostly ignoring her words until she had mentioned his name and the crowd applauded. He looked over to see her motion for him to step forward. He sighed and moved to stand at the edge of the platform, smiling as the crowd cheered.
"From Agent Mel Lightfox's efforts, Doctor Robotnik will be licking his wounds. This will give us a chance to strengthen our homes and plan for the next attack. It is with great pleasure that I make him an honorary Freedom Fighter." He turned his head to look at her and tilted his head. "If you manage to return here, you will always be welcome as one of us."
:iconmel-lightfox:Mel-Lightfox 1 0
Lightfox Origin Chapter 6
"There is one more thing I need to tell you about Agent Mel Lightfox."
The brown fox quickly made his way out of the building, scanning the now dark village for his fleeing companion. He spots movement towards the edge of the village near the field of flowers and makes his way there. He walks into the clearing and sees Shane moving past the field at a quick pace, making his way deeper into the forest, closer to the black smoke that Mel could see floating above the treetops. His ears droop and he starts running after the Lynx.
"Shane! Wait!" His voice carries through the thick trees and Shane stops, turning to see his friend moving towards him. He turns his back and quickly uses the back of his hand to wipe at his eyes before Mel can reach him. Mel comes to a stop just behind his friend, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Why did you run off?"
"Because... Just when I meet someone totally awesome and it seems like the feelings might be mutual, it turns out their from another dimension and
:iconmel-lightfox:Mel-Lightfox 1 0
Lightfox Origin Chapter 1:
Red lights flashed quickly along the steel walls of the GUN facility. A siren rang throughout the hallways as a large man dressed in a military uniform moved swiftly down them. He stopped at a door which opened automatically after a quick keycard swipe. A scientist turned in his chair to regard the man.
"Wake it." The man said sternly as he entered the room.
"Sir, I can't. The memories haven't been completely incorporated into his mind yet. He's the last one, it will only take a few minutes." The scientist turned to his keyboard, typing frantically. He scanned the screen and watched the progress bar. His eyes moving from the progress bar to the brown fox laying vertically in a tube of grayish gel.
The man slammed his fist on the table as the sounds of yelling and rifle fire could be heard nearby. "We don't have time! Wake it and give it the orders to defend the facility. Use of force authorized." With that, the man stormed out of the room, making his way in the opposite direction of th
:iconmel-lightfox:Mel-Lightfox 1 0
Create A Fursona v3 Male by tony64 Create A Fursona v3 Male :icontony64:tony64 2,371 1,220 Rift by BoxTail Rift :iconboxtail:BoxTail 369 36 Star Chart II gif by BoxTail Star Chart II gif :iconboxtail:BoxTail 532 75 Car Wash by Blatterbury Car Wash :iconblatterbury:Blatterbury 552 105 Derpy Hooves (sold) by Charitynorn Derpy Hooves (sold) :iconcharitynorn:Charitynorn 8 3 Pearl (Sold) by Charitynorn Pearl (Sold) :iconcharitynorn:Charitynorn 149 37 Dragon work by Thief-of-Flames Dragon work :iconthief-of-flames:Thief-of-Flames 1 1 Baryonyx for The Stomping Grounds by weremagnus Baryonyx for The Stomping Grounds :iconweremagnus:weremagnus 570 15
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Satyr Mix Up :iconhaseo-himura:Haseo-Himura 2 3


Question: How long between the two images? Defiantly see a lot of improvement, specifically, the background work is more solid. There's...



Hey all! So, I pretty much don't use DA anymore. I log on from time to time (when I remember the PW, lmao) but mostly I use Tumblr now-a-days. If you would like a link to that it's at the end - be warned, I don't post MLP stuff anymore as I'm pretty much out of the fandom and instead reblog great art tutorials and the like!

I still think the art is neat and the Bronys are amazing, but I just moved on. I may do more MLP stuff in the future, but for now, I send my love. <3

Thank you for making me a part of your life, everyone. I'm sorry if this is a let-down to a lot of you.

Stay amazing, you wonderful people. DS loves you.
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They also have been ripping off folks for YEARS.

If you were ripped off by this person, may I suggest contacting DA directly via this link?

Include PayPal screen shots, and SHUT THIS BITCH DOWN!


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